8 Web Designing Tools to Improve the User Experience of Your Website

Web designing is tricky and time taking, sure. With a pro designer, an experienced website developer, and the correct web designing tools, all of it can be a breeze. Using the correct tools that suit the web designing need is also expertise. Web designing tools completely transform how the website is designed and play a remarkable role in creating revenue-driving websites. 

Before we move on, let us take a look at the benefits of using web designing tools. 

Benefits of using web designing tools:

Creating the perfect website is a convoluted process. Your website has to be in perfect alignment with the core values of your business and branding. It also should be stunning – providing a smooth as silk user interface experience. Web designing tools can facilitate every step of the website designing process. 

Following are the various benefits of web designing:

  • Creation of visual elements
  • Website design prototype
  • Coding
  • Building and publishing the website

Using the correct tools will help you achieve all of the web designing objectives along with the effective collaboration of all team members. 

Web designing tools range from website builders to web designing tools that do not require any coding. You also have options for customized web design tools like code editors and any kind of visual design software. Whatever tools you do intend and choose to use, the web design process is detail oriented. 

To help you do just that, we have compiled a list of 8 web designing tools that improve the user experience of our website.  

Read on to learn more about each web designing tool or you could also just jump straight to the tool you find the best, but we recommend that you read the full list – it will help you decide on the tool in a much better way. 

  1. Shopify
  2. WordPress
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver
  4. Nova
  5. Google Web Designer
  6. Firefox Developer
  7. Bootstrap
  8. Figma


This web designing tool is specifically for E-commerce web designers. Shopify is the king of all E-Commerce website builders that provides you with a ton of options and elements:

  • Over 75 themes
  • Drag-and-drop builder is available for designers who do not have a coding background and experience. 
  • Capability to market products on multiple online marketplaces
  • App integration that adds E-commerce functionality to your online web store.

By using Shopify and using its website designs tips, you can easily create a customized, stunning, visually appealing, and functional website without having to go under the web development experience altogether. 

Price: $14+ / month


If you are thinking to go for a more customized web design experience and software, then WordPress is the thing. WordPress is a content management system that enables you to build your website from scratch. There are a ton of themes from which you can choose along with some very cool drag-and-drop builders. WordPress also gives you the option of customizing your site with code. WordPress also offers a huge library of plug-ins for your very own website that will make it easier for you to put your idea into reality. The only aspect to consider is that WordPress requires an experienced designer to create the perfect website. But practice makes anyone a master – so try that! 

Price: Free of Cost

Adobe Dreamweaver:

This tool is a commercial application that builds pages for windows operating systems and Mac. this tool is for the more experienced designers that help them with writing code, creating prototypes for their websites, and creating elements. This web designing tool comes with multiple features in its powerful text editor. The features include

  • Syntax accentuating 
  • Smart code hinting
  • A built-in feature of FTP client
  • Project management
  • Multiple workflow options which efficiently boost teamwork
  • Live View, which shows you a preview of the source code
  • Dreamweaver is also integrated with other popular software like Photoshop, this allows the user to share Smart Objects seamlessly and quickly. It also promotes easy updating and editing of the graphic components. 
  • Price: $20.99+ per month


Nova is the latest and more modern and improved version of Panic. Panic is a web design and development application that is used for the Mac operating system. This web designing tool aims at reducing the number of applications like the CSS editor, FTP client, Version Control System, and so on. This enables you to seamlessly create websites and also improves your teamwork and the workflow among the team. 

Nova uses a one-window philosophy for web development which uses an interface that is tabled for transferring files, editing texts, CSS, SVN, and Books. Even though it comes with The Web Programmer’s Desk Reference, you always have an option of adding in your own. 

Google Web Designer:

Google Web Designer is a web designing tool that is free. It is a web designing tool that helps you create interactive and engaging web designs that are based on HTML – 5. The software is such that ensures that the motion graphics and designs will display and run on any device, ranging from desktops to smartphones. It is also possible to edit CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with Google Web Designer. 

Price: Free

Firefox Developer:

Firefox Developer is a version of Firefox that is specifically designed and made for web developers. As you use the Firefox Developer ad a develop, it provides you with access to its various tools called the DevTools. The DevTools further has various features as stated below, and these are the very features our website needs to stand out from the rest. 

  • Analyzing
  • Debugging
  • Building with CSS Grid
  • Designing with CSS Grid
  • HTML inspector
  • Style Editor

Price: Free


It is a popular framework that is used for creating websites with various codes like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Bootstrap offers many templates that help and enable you to design your web pages. It is an open-source that is also completely free. Bootstrap offers you a variety of templates to choose from, the options are endless and completely customizable. You can easily get the website of your choice, designed according to your taste and in line with your brand by using Bootstrap.

Price: Free


Figma is an online web designing tool that makes it easier for you to design and edit your design. It also allows you to prototype your designs. This makes it a breeze for you to brainstorm your ideas with the whole team, making collaborative work much easier. It further enables you to create prototypes and share them with the team and collect their feedback too.

Figma also offers features like the Auto Layout that simplifies the design process, this does so by automating various elements like button resizing and responsive layouts. It also allows access to your asset’s library; it also enables you to opt for a universal and standardized style for your overall projects – all across them. 

Price: $12+ per editor/month
Free Plan is also available

We have discussed the most prominent, useful, and notable web designing tools that are worth researching and using. It is also important to mention some other tools that should always be in mind when thinking about web designing tools. 

  • Adobe Animate
  • Web Developer which is an extension of Firefox
  • Paper and pen/pencil that are used for sketching
  • Notepad++
  • GIMP


We have discussed in detail the various web designing tools available to make your life much easier when designing your dream website. Have a look at them, research them further and then choose the best option that suits your website the best!